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24 October 2006 @ 09:42 pm
New York, New York  
Open to anyone in New York. Please? Pleeaaase?!

Leilani let out a sigh that clearly showed every once of frustration that she felt as she slammed the door behind her and set foot on those famous New York sidewalks. Turning her head, she glared back at that very door as if it, personally, had wronged her in some way. Sure, the blame could be better focused on the people therein, but she was particularly pissed at the door (since inanimate objects were easier to hate and abuse, what with those lame laws prohibiting assault), so it was the reciever of a particularly bruising glare.

It just didn't make sense to her: why did every place in New York require you to have a job before you could get a home. What, you were suppose to live on the streets for your first week of employment and hope that your lack of good hygiene could be overlooked? Oh, of course. Naturally, your employer would know that you only smelled like piss and beer because you were still in that first week of living in the city and would dismiss it accordingly! Right. Right.

In all actuality, the blame should have been placed on herself. She picked New York because it was big, and it's easier to get lost in big cities. She could have, however, chose a different place to live where she'd have family to freeload off of. But no, she wanted New York. So she moved up here with a couple hundred bucks and some pretty high hopes, but didn't want to admit that any of this was her fault.

Obviously, she needed a roommate.

But to get a good roommate that wouldn't jack your stuff and leave you on the streets, you had to know someone.

Did she know anyone?



Face twisting into a very unattractive scowl, she swung her duffle bag around to lay against her back and took off down the sidewalk. She'd find something... eventually.