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29 November 2006 @ 01:28 am
CSI - Radiation and all that fun stuff  
Audrey frowned slightly, noting the numbers that came up on the radiation meter in front of her. "1800." She remarked, glancing around the room. It was totalled. It looked like a nuclear explosion decimated everything. There was a doctor sitting there, possibly before the explosion occured, and he was melted to the core.


No, too sloppy. She left the room, popping a small pill in her mouth that would neutralize any absorbed radiation and headed back to her car.

"Audrey." The blonde paused, glancing over to her partner, the one who spoke to her. "We believe we may have whoever did this in custody.."

"Where is he?" Audrey inquired. Her partner answered by saying he was in the hospital, with his girlfriend.

Audrey nodded. "I'll go check it out." She said, before she glanced around the area. Sudden annoyanced etched upon her face momentarily, before she pulled out her cellphone and dialed Matt's number.